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Tweaking Windows 10 Privacy Settings


Several controversial privacy issues have kept many users from upgrading to Microsoft’s latest operating system, even with the free upgrade offer (still) on the table. While some of the initial uproar may have been overblown, there are some settings worth visiting in this post-Snowden era of heightened concern regarding personal privacy....

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7 Ways to Screenshot in Windows 10


A few of you clicking on this article are probably thinking: "isn’t it easy to screenshot in Windows 10? You just press the print screen button and a screenshot is saved to the clipboard!" And you’d be correct; simply hitting the print screen button on your keyboard is the easiest way to capture a screenshot.

But Windows provides several...

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How to Throw Your Video Game Controller


Video games are a lot of fun, but they can also be frustrating. From time to time, you may even get frustrated enough that you want to throw something. Good news! Your controller is right there in your hand.

I’ve often heard people refer to a game as “controller-throwingly difficult.” This is an evocative description, but it only tells part...

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Take advantage of Xbox Streaming and Game DVR in Windows 10


As part of Microsoft’s continuing efforts to close the gap between its console and PCs, the company introduced game streaming, allowing Xbox One owners to play console games on Windows 10 devices that share the same local network.

With game streaming, you’re able to enjoy Xbox titles in areas of the home away from where the console is b...

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Enable Windows 10's Hidden


As noted by enthusiasts around the web, there is a simple way to access a hidden "God Mode" in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. With a name like that, your expectations might be a little high -- and no, Windows is not secretly invincible -- but the trick is awesome nevertheless.

"God Mode" simply provides users with a centralized Control...

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HP Spectre x360 Review


High-end laptops released by HP over the last 12 months have seriously impressed me. The HP Spectre is a fantastic ultra-slim and light notebook with a beautiful chassis. When I reviewed the Spectre last year I was amazed at how far HP's engineering and design teams have come in the Windows 10 era.

Alongside the Spectre, at the top of HP’s...

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