Sony recently released a new piece of PlayStation-branded merch, and it looks awesome. Sony's teamed up with the winter sports company Never Summer to create a snowboard with a classic PlayStation theme.

The board is colored slate gray, just like the PlayStation 1, and it features retro-style rainbow accents and a rainbow PS logo. The spots on the board where bindings go are designed to look like the PS1's Open and Power buttons.

It's modeled after Never Summer's West snowboard, and it features "Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, NS SuperLight Wood Core, and mid flex," according to the item description. It's built to be "equally at home ripping quick turns, slashing pow or catching air."

There are only 100 of these boards available for purchase, so you'll have to move quick if you want one. It'll run you $500, which is actually $60 less than the list price for the normal version of the West.

The snowboard joins a growing array of cool-looking items themed after the original PlayStation. A few years ago, Sony also released a classic-themed PlayStation 4. Now imagine if you had both the PS4 and the snowboard.

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